The Street Performers Association is a not-for-profit organisation established by street performers working in London, to promote street performance for the benefit of the public in London and beyond. The SPA works in partnership with other organisations to promote the street performance agenda at a regional and national level and to provide support and services to enable growth and sustainability in the sector.

Our roots as an organisation are in our long and successful partnership with Covent Garden Management and Westminster Council. The core members of the SPA have established an excellent working relationship in Covent Garden and street performance is now a key part of the image of the area. Over the years we have ensured the smooth running of the dedicated performance pitches, protected the safety of the public and performers and maintained very high quality standards.

Street performance is the embodiment of the essence of London: living culture right here on the street. The SPA seeks to promote the art of street performance to the public and to the city we live in. Our aim is to expand the opportunity for street performers to share their ancient art in a manner that suits a modern city.

This video shows street performers at work in Covent Garden.